The Best Books About Love of 2018

  1. “Still Me” by Jojo Moyes

Louise Clark is ready to start a new life. She comes to New York and it’s a completely different world to her, she is completely amazed and it’s hard for her to adapt. All of her dreams are broken by the cruel reality, but the girl with her characteristic sense of humor is not discouraged by everything that is happening around her. She knows that many miles from her home in London, her new boyfriend Sam is waiting for find girl for marriage . She knows that her boss is a good person and that his wife has her own secrets. But Louise does not know that she is about to meet Josh, who will turn her life upside down. Just because Josh is so much like someone who once hurt her. Lou doesn’t know what to do and whom to trust. But you will definitely get an answer to the question: who does she really love?…

2. “Always” Sarah Gio

Once the public was shocked by the story of Charlotte, who was shipwrecked during her honeymoon and returned home only two years later. She spent a lot of time on the open sea, and then on a desert island in the company of an inhospitable man named Gray, thanks to whom she was able to survive. After many years, Charlotte finds a message on the beach in a bottle. The message states that Gray is still waiting for her on the island, and, in his opinion, only few days have passed since their separation …

3. “Making Faces” by Amy Harmon

How many girls dream of true love! Fern once fell in love with Ambrose Young – an athlete, the star of the school and a real handsome man. If you are a beloved luxury blonde like Rita, it will be easy for you to get a boyfriend. But if you are Fern – a skinny girl with naughty red curls, braces and glasses with thick lenses, everything becomes quite a lot more different … In school years, the soul and the inner world are not always valued as highly as a pleasant appearance. During the graduation Fern will amaze all of her classmates with beauty, but in her heart she will remain the same simple girl. Ambrose changed as well, they are both not the same two people they were at the beginning of the story. What attracts us to another person, what do we love in them? Is their appearance so important? Everyone will answer these questions for themselves, and this book will only indicate the right direction. This book allows us to go hand in hand with the protagonists during their journey, witness their losses, their triumphs and the changes in their characters.

4. “The Unexpected Everything” Morgan Matson

From the side of life, Andy seems perfect. There is no other way to put it really, she is the daughter of a famous politician and she attracts lots of attention. The girl is waiting for a prestigious summer internship. She is surrounded by best friends. She is not deprived of the attention of guys. One can only envy such a life! Everything changes when public scandal flares up around Andy’s father. Now the girl is forced to spend the whole summer in the city, laboring in the company while trying to help her father. She did not dream of such a summer! But it seems that the universe has prepared a surprise for the girl.

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