5 Books About Love You Should Check Out

  1. The Things We Do for Love. Alice Peterson

Everyone else in the place of January Wilde would have felt deeply unhappy. No wonder: her parents died when she was small, in her youth she had to do lots of work to just stay afloat, she never received a prestigious education, the beloved man left her when she learned that she was pregnant, and the long-awaited daughter was born with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Despite this, the young woman feels quite happy – because she has loving grandparents who live in a beautiful house by the sea, as well as a beloved dog who walks with her to work.

But it was precisely at work that she was received an unpleasant surprise … The old boss, with whom January had great relations, retired. And in his place came a new leader – a very complex and strict person. It was all downhill from the very first day, and the girl began to seriously think about finding a new job. But one evening she had the opportunity to learn the character of her boss from the other, completely unexpected side, this is expensive date ideas

2. The One Good Thing. Kevin Alan Milne

One day, Nathan Steen promised himself that he would always carry six pebbles in his pocket – as a reminder that he had to do at least six good deeds every day. But this promise has its own, rather dark story, about which Nathan does not want to tell anyone. Even his wife Halley, whom he unconditionally trusts. It seems to him that this dark story will be able to destroy even the purest and brightest love. But is truly as bad as he describes it? What will be stronger – children’s secrets or adult feelings?

3. Send Down the Rain. Charles Martin

Charlie Finn loves his friends and tries to keep his promises. That is why he goes from Miami to Central America to find Colin, his friend’s son who has fled from his home. Charlie, bound by a promise to deliver a boyfriend to his father, meets charming Paulina, who falls in love with him. Everything would be fine, only that this girl turns out to be the daughter of a man who was once brought to ruin by Finn. And now the fate of Charlie is in the hands of the wild feelings of this woman.

4. Another Night, Another Day. Sarah Rayner

What to do if a difficult period has come in life? What should one do? Quietly indulge in despair and do not ask anyone for help, because others have their own problems? The characters of this book by Sarah Rainer found another way out – they turn to a psychotherapist. Karen recently lost her husband and now she has to raise two children alone. Abby – the mother of a disabled child, who is about to divorce the once beloved man. Michael is inevitably threatened with bankruptcy and the loss of not only business, but also housing.

Doctors are trying to help the heroes overcome despair and get them out of the darkest days of their lives. However, the usual warm human relations are sometimes able to do more than all the efforts of psychotherapy specialists …

5. The Stolen Marriage. Diane Chamberlain

Riley MacPherson, while examining home archives, found out one strange story related to her family. Parents always told her that Lisa, her older sister, had committed suicide many years ago. But the documents suggest that the girl is still alive. And even more, there are witnesses who can confirm this. Riley wants to get to the truth and find her sister. But what will happen on her search? Especially if Lisa does not want to be found …

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