I Loved These Ten Books…But What Were They About Again? [2]

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018 Bookish

You know it’s happened to you before. You read a book, absolutely LOVE it, but a few months down the road and a handful of other bookish plots later, and you’re all like, “I can’t remember a single thing about this book I read seven months ago!” It’s really quite mind-boggling how the brain can forget major aspects of such an epic novel, isn’t it?

Rosie Weekly [1]: The Countdown is REAL

Sunday, January 21st 2018 Bookish, Journal

Am I getting a hang of this bookish/bloggish photography? Yes? No? Maybe? I literally didn’t have to do a darn thing to the above picture. All of that stuff was just sitting on my table like that. I just adjusted the light. Wheeee. ANYWAY, hi, hello, you’ve reached my first weekly recap, which will so aptly be named ‘Rosie Weekly’ – original, huh?

Rosie’s Infinite Playlist [1]

Saturday, January 20th 2018 Music

Let’s take a break from talking about bookish things for a minuscule second. (I know, GASP, what am I thinking?) But hear me out, it’s another topic you most likely love: music! I’m a pretty huge Spotify junkie, and I spend a lot of time listening to new stuff, because I have a wide, WIDE range of things I like to listen to. (So, more than likely, you’ll find something you’re into; welcome to my infinite playlist!)


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