I Am Sad I Wasted My Time With These Ten Reads [3]

Tuesday, January 30th 2018 Bookish

There’s nothing worse than wasting your precious reading time on a book that is sub-par. This has happened to me too regularly for me to be okay with it – I have gotten stuck reading a book because I was worried that it was going to get better and I was going to miss out! But I think this year is the year that I stop reading something if it is not bringing me joy. I won’t have enough time for that once I’m a mom!

Rosie Weekly [2]: What IS a Rutabaga?!

Sunday, January 28th 2018 Bookish, Journal

Things have already started slowing down at the blog, haven’t they? The first couple of weeks I just dished out blog post after blog post, but this week, I’ve felt super drained and (kind of) stressed because I’ve been trying to help plan 2 baby showers whilst not blowing my entire paycheck on them, and also stressing over the fact that N-O-T-H-I-N-G is done in the nursery…

I Loved These Ten Books…But What Were They About Again? [2]

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018 Bookish

You know it’s happened to you before. You read a book, absolutely LOVE it, but a few months down the road and a handful of other bookish plots later, and you’re all like, “I can’t remember a single thing about this book I read seven months ago!” It’s really quite mind-boggling how the brain can forget major aspects of such an epic novel, isn’t it?


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