Oh, wow … you found this page, huh? You must really be desperate for some reading material!

Hey there! This is where you find out more than you ever wanted to know about me, so if this is the opposite of what you were looking for, quick! Turn back now while you still can! And, well, if this is where you actually want to be, let me just ask you: Are you sure??!

If the answer is still yes, let me divulge away!

  • I am twenty-seven years old. Oh gods, thirty is getting uncomfortably close.
  • In the zodiac world, I am a Taurus. Coincidentally, so is my boyfriend, and our unborn son is also projected to be a Taurus (if he comes out on time).
  • I work with children at a preschool with added daycare. Ages 6 weeks to 5 years!
  • I still actively play Pokémon Go. #TeamValor!
  • If I were sorted into a Hogwarts house, I would most definitely be a Hufflepuff. Loyalty, tolerance, dedication.
  • Second to books, I really dig tv shows. I don’t watch them as much, hence me being behind in a LOT of series, but they bring me joy. Some favorites are Game of Thrones and The 100 (the two shows I actually ~do keep up with), Doctor Who, 2 Broke Girls, Teachers, Orphan Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, American Horror Story, and Impractical Jokers (always good for a laugh)! I’m also trying to watch all of the Marvel series. (Marvel > DC, in my humble opinion.)
Isaac and I have been together since 2011.
  • I’ve been with myboyfriend Isaac since 2011! He keeps my life interesting, and he’s my best friend. I would rather joke around and spend time with him than with just about anyone else. He knows me in and out, and he’s my person! ♥
  • I’ve had 7 dogs in my lifetime. They’re my preferred pet, tbh. I’ve also had two ferrets, a rabbit, and a handful of fish. No cats, though, because I’m allergic!
  • I’ve colored my hair multiple shades: blonde, brunette, brunette with highlights, black, red, and blonde/brunette ombré. (I’m currently naturally brunette.)
  • My favorite book genre is probably YA fantasy, but I’ll read just about any type of YA fiction.
  • Speaking of fantasy, maps in books are THE BEST!
  • I love horses. I was a Girl Scout growing up, and every summer from age 9 to 18, I spent a week or so at a horseback riding camp. I have such good memories from there!
  • I prefer autumn over any other season!
  • I’m usually burning a candle in my home somewhere.
  • Latest fun fact: I’m pregnant! I’m expecting my baby boy at the tail-end of April 2018!



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