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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rosie — who was kind of like Matilda, in that she read a lot of books (not in that she was neglected by a narcissistic family, or even that she could add/multiply large sums in her head, no no no — and I’ll leave it up to your imagination whether or not she could move things with her mind) — and as she grew older, and her to-read pile grew and grew and grew, she felt the need to talk about books with any person she could, and/or that would listen to her. She also grew up in the generation in which computers were the *IT* thing, and so she spent a lot of time online, therefore discovering many blogs — especially these things called “book blogs.”

Now, THAT was exactly her cup of tea! She could talk to anyone in the world about books now, and they WOULD LISTEN. She didn’t have to be an awkward little book-talking peanut out in public, because now she could do it in the comfort of her own home. Without pants.

It was in late winter, way back in 2013, when Rosie discovered this mixed passion of books and blogging, and she created her blog, called Rosie Reads. Now, she was enamored with this new life — she blogged day, and she blogged night, and she made friends who were near, but out of sight. She made many friends and interacted with them to her little heart’s content. It continued this way for many, many months, until… *dun dun dun* …life got…busy! (How dare it.)

For many, many days, in mid-, or maybe late-2015, her babyblog sat neglected. Friends may have wondered where she went, but their lives carried on, in and out of the blogoverse. Long nights passed as Rosie sat wondering in the dark…wondering if her passion would ever return; wondering… if she should just shut down this little slice of dreams.

The day came, a sad a dreary day, when it was time to delete her site. She was devastated, but she thought, deep down, that it would be for the best — at least, for now.

Many more months passed, until the dawn of the year of 2017. Rosie felt a spark. A spark, and a yearn, to write. She’d been contemplating several, several story ideas over the last year, without really every settling on a specific one. But an intense pull towards getting those words out in the open just couldn’t be ignored. Without a second thought (or maybe a couple second thoughts, but they didn’t matter, because in the end, the magnetic pull reigned victorious), she bought a new domain. Rosie Reads was a thing of the past, because now — now, Rosie wanted not only to read, but to write. A reader…became a writer. And she was glad of this change in herself. She realized, finally, what she wanted to do with her days.

Surely, not every day was filled with writing. Some days were, really, just filled with work, and this glorious thing called “sleep” — and other days, some reading, and of course eating, and even some mind-numbing television to blur the hours. But what mattered was that she had a VISION. And her vision, ladies and gentleman, was to become a writer.

So Rosie Reads became Rosie Writes Things, and the rest, my friends, is history.

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