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Friday, February 23rd 2018 Music

It’s THAT TIME again to talk about something else other than books! Say WHAT? That’s right – this post is all about new music I’ve found. I’m a pretty huge Spotify junkie, and I spend a lot of time listening to new stuff, because I have a wide, WIDE range of things I like to listen to. (So, more than likely, you’ll find something you’re into; welcome to my infinite playlist!)

For every 5 new songs I add to my yearly Spotify playlist, I want to spotlight and share them with you! This post will focus on songs #6-10 of the year 2018!

Just a heads’ up, I will provide links to Spotify, but in case you can’t listen on Spotify, you will also get a bonus link to a YouTube video!


  • 06. “The Last of the Real Ones” – Fall Out Boy | One day, Spotify brought to my attention in a pop-up that Fall Out Boy dropped a new album. As someone who always thought Under the Cork Tree could never be topped, I still managed to give it a listen, and this one just stuck out to me! I even shared it with my babe, and told him I dedicated it to him! 😉 Spotify & YouTube
  • 07. “Feed the Wolf” – Breaking Benjamin | Another new Breaking Benjamin song, yessss! They’re (still) at the top of my list when it comes to rock bands, and this song did not disappoint! Spotify & YouTube
  • 08. “Rhythm of Your Heart” – Marianas Trench | Josh Ramsay just has the best damn voice in the entire world. Fact. And Marianas Trench is one of my favorite bands, so when I saw a new song was out, I was ON IT. They are very pop punkish. And everything E V E R Y T H I N G is catchy. Spotify & YouTube
  • 09. “Zombie” – Capelli | This is most definitely a “club”-like remix of The Cranberries’ hit song “Zombie”, and this song is very near and dear to me, because once I hit the grand ol’ age of 21, I did a lot of bar karaoke with my work friends, and this was my go-to song. I like this rendition (still, nothing holds a torch to Dolores O’Riordan). Spotify & YouTube
  • 10. “Novacaine” – 10 Years | I heard this on the radio one day and then just couldn’t get it out of my head! (And my boyfriend is quite tired of me playing it…oops!) Spotify & YouTube

What do you think of the music? Have you listened to anything good lately? Please share if you have!

This has been a Rosie Writes Things production. She’s going to finish her Friday night off strong enjoying some Thin Mints and milk while playing “Poke the Tummy” and watching her baby respond (…it’s her favorite game lately). She’s also been plying catch-up with “This Is Us” recently, so that might be an option when baby gets tired of her crap and goes to sleep for the night…


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