New Year, New Beginnings!

Saturday, January 13th 2018 Journal

So, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings.

– Nick Frederickson

It begins again! As I sat here on a Friday night – on my delightfully cozy couch in a warm blanket while in the middle of an ice and snow storm in semi-rural Ohio – I thought to myself, “I really, truly miss blogging.” I didn’t know what was stopping me, really, but so many things have happened since my last post (which had been in September of 2017, but I’ve purged everything, so bye-bye, it’s gone).


To play catch-up, the number one big change in my life is that I’m going to be a mom. I still can’t wrap my head around it, and some days it feels more real than others. The time is ticking way too fast, and I’m halfway through my pregnancy and it is just CRAZY to think that in just 15 short weeks, I’ll be introducing a baby boy into this world.

I still can’t wrap my head around it, and some days it feels more real than others.

Safe to say, I’m over the moon, but lately my attention span has been … well, lacking! And my reading record has severely suffered – and let’s not even mention my writing. I’d made great plans last year to start reviewing books again (after the fall of my last blog, Rosie Reads) and, also, to start writing! Book ideas have plagued me for the last several months, but I haven’t done anything about it except fantasize! That’s why I created Rosie Writes Things in the first place; I didn’t want my blog to just be diluted with talk of other people’s books – I wanted to talk about MY ideas and MY projects. Getting knocked up definitely put that dream on the back-burner, but I refuse to let it simmer there!

2018 Is Going To Be My Year

In every sense of the word! I’m going to finally start a family with my beau, I’ve got a job that I love deeply, and with all my extra time spent at home this year with my baby, I’m going to start writing more. (And once baby is here, I definitely have a weight-loss goal in mind that I intend to see through. Twenty-eighteen, you will be PWNED!)

I’m All About Fresh Starts

If you’ve been around this little slice of the internet before, you may have noticed a lot of things are missing … like all of my old posts! That’s because I’m kind of a neat freak, and when I start over, I really start over. For another reason, I bought myself a new theme for my blog. I used to have the time and patience to just create my own layouts, but this time around is different. And when I saw this theme, I fell in love with the simplicity and purchased it on a whim. It’s kind of what made me take that final step and come back to this, actually. And since the layout of the blog is different, I didn’t want to go through all of my old posts and make them pretty. Because like I said: neat freak!

Seriously, why???

Things That Will Not Be Changing

  1. You are still going to get the same delightful, brassy, cheeky gal I have always been. (And most likely always will be – there’s no New Years’ resolution for that!)
  2. There will still be book reviews. While I am getting back into the swing of reading (an actual New Years’ resolution I’ve made for myself for 2018), I’m not exactly the old self-proclaimed pro I used to be. (Ha…hahahaaaaa.) Especially once baby comes, they may be few and far in-between, but they will be making appearances here and there!
  3. I will ALWAYS be open for conversation! I love chatting with my readers and other book bloggers alike, so please don’t be shy – PLEASE!

I Can’t Wait To Get Started Again!

I hope … I can help introduce you to a new favorite book.

I cross-my-heart-and-swear-to-die that I’ve missed this community so, so much! And since the beginning of my blogging career (way bay in December of 2013), I’ve noticed a lot of my old friends have fallen off the blogging and reviewing bandwagon, which saddens me greatly, but I totally understand since I’ve been in that boat for quite some time now. But here’s to making new friends and forming new blogger-reader relationships, and I hope that through my time here, I can help introduce you to a new favorite book, and, in time, you can help me create and mold mine!

This has been a Rosie Writes Things production. She will now go on to sleep through this particularly nasty winter storm we’re having and wake up in the morning to a lovely breakfast cooked by her dear boyfriend. (She knows for a fact this is going to happen, because he said so!) She wishes everyone a goodnight, and hopes for some bloggy interaction soon to raise her spirits about raising the once-dead blog she owns!


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