Obligatory Goal Post for 2018 + My Reading Target

Saturday, January 13th 2018 Bookish, Journal

Okay, here’s my obligatory goal post of 2018:

< Lololol I’m sorry I’m such a smart-ass.

Well now that I’ve given away how NOT funny I am… *ahem* So, it’s the start of 2018 and we all know what that means! GOALS!!! Hi 2018! *waves enthusiastically* I know you’ve been around for a couple weeks now, but sometimes I’m a late bloomer … okay, almost always. A good chunk of the time.

The year has been dandy so far. Honestly, I can’t complain (too much). Let’s see.

I’ve got the big picture in mind … it will be worth it!
  1. Everything so far in my pregnancy has been GREAT! I mean, there are minor inconveniences: heartburn (new best friend: Tums), some overall body pain, like in my back, my sciatic nerve, and round ligament pains you get when your stomach is growing and trying to accommodate a living being, oh and sometimes I get moody. But I guess I’m just so stoked beyond everything else, and I’ve got the “big picture” in mind, so I know those things will come and go, and in the end, it will be worth it! Plus, feeling him kick is amazing! (I must admit the countdown to B-Day is wracking my nerves a little though!)
  2. We just had a huge snow and ice storm last night, and because of that, we got to leave work early yesterday! We normally close at 6 pm, but they closed early (3 pm) because of the impending doom-ageddon, and I got to leave by 1 pm because I am one of the few employees that lives furthest away from the school and they wanted to make sure I got home okay. Also because I’m awesome.
  3. Mashed potatoes exist, so all is well. (I’m seriously craving some. Right. This. Second.)
  4. Isaac has been a really great individual, and I’m super lucky to have him. He went out of his way to make sure the driveway and sidewalks were salted before the storm last night so that I wouldn’t fall. Lately, he’s been letting me have the driveway and he parks on the street. This morning he made us breakfast! (asdfghjkl it was soooo yummy!) And not to mention, he’s got a cute butt.

I mean, we’re only 2 weeks in, so that’s all I’ve got. Although I probably am forgetting something, because let me tell you, pregnancy brain is a REAL THING.

My life in a nutshell.

Things I Want To Accomplish in 2018

  • Not gain more than 15 pounds by the end of this pregnancy. This is a short-term goal, but a goal nonetheless! It’s probably safe to say that this is the heaviest I’ve ever been, and while I don’t quite enjoy it, I know it’s because I’m growing a human. I don’t love the look of my body, but I can definitely appreciate everything that it’s doing right now. It’s a love-hate relationship, tbh.
  • Read at least 25 books. I’m being gentle with myself on this one, because c’mon, a small little tyrant will be ruling my life soon, and who knows how much time I will have??? (As far as reviews for these books? Yeah … we’ll see.)
  • Be happy with my house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy to have my own space with my boyfriend Isaac, and even though it’s small, it’s cozy. But following so many home decor pin boards and Instagrams has rewired my brain to make me think my house looks like crap. There are SO MANY things I want to do to fix it up and decorate it, but where do I have the time and money for that? (Also, there’s this thing called “nesting” that happens when you’re about to introduce a smalling into your life and home. I think it’s really taking its toll on me lately!)
  • Getting the nursery together! This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last goal, but this is a major task on my to-do list! Because, hello, only 15 weeks to go, and they just seem to be going by faster and faster! Baby boy is going to have a Doctor Who/space-themed room, and I’m antsy to get started on it.
  • Oh, hey, side note: I got my mashed potatoes! I know this has nothing to do with my 2018 goals. I just wanted to show you how yummy they looked. (Aaaaand this, my friends, is why it takes me forever to complete a blog post.)
  • Lay out the groundwork for the novel in my head. I’m having low expectations about this one in particular … because, once again, addition to our family coming up. On one hand, I’ll be spending lots of extra time at home (I’ll be cutting my 40-hour-week down to a *maybe* 15-hour-week, and I’ll be honest that I’m scared a bit crapless about this for financial reasons); on another, I’ll be so busy trying to get to know this little alien inside me, and catching up on sleep, and keeping up with housework, and trying to keep everyone in the family happy!
  • Be a kick-ass mother and raise a phenomenal little boy. I can’t help but have high hopes for my little one, and although I know I’m bound to make mistakes – just like any parent is certain to make – I’m hoping I’ve had enough practice in the field of infants and toddlers and caregiving to halfway know what I’m doing. And if I ever get lost, I know Isaac is there to make me not feel completely helpless! He’s awesome like that.
  • Visit the gym at least once a week. Ideally, I will go up to 3 times per week. Our lovely school owner is amazing and gave everyone a YMCA membership for Christmas for free. (Reason #192,845 why I love my job.) It’s literally right across the street, too, so that I could go on my lunch break if I wanted to; but mostly I will be going after I get off work at 6 pm to go swimming!!!
  • Be the best I can be! This bleeds into every aspect of my life. The best worker. The best girlfriend. (Hey, maybe fiancé by the end of the year? C’mon, Isaac, it’s been 6½ years!) The best mother. The best person. Life is hard, and sometimes we take the easy route with things, and we get lazy, and forget to show others just how much we care, etc. I’ve always tried to live up to this, but lately I’ve felt like I need to step up my game even more. Do you ever feel like your slacking on life, too? Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones…
I definitely have high hopes for 2018.

I definitely have high hopes for 2018, and even though a big change is about to completely throw my life off-kilter, I’m READY. I’m heckin’ nervous and even a bit scared, but I’m convinced I’m as ready as I’m ever going to get (because no one is ever really ready for this, I’m convinced). Note to baby: this does NOT mean you can come any sooner than you’re supposed to! You need to be fully cooked first!

What goals are you hoping to accomplish this year? Do you ever stick to your New Years’ resolutions?

This has been a Rosie Writes Things production. She is now going to go do – sigh – adult things, like put away her dishes and maybe do some laundry that’s been piled up since her water heater decided to stop making her water hot last night … but thank goodness her man is very handy and fixed it this morning. It is also on the agenda today to read some more of “A Darker Shade of Magic” by V.E. Schwab, which she is re-reading.


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