Week 10 + 11 Recap: Oops! I Did it Again…

GUYS! Ugh, I did it again, didn’t I? I think after the last hiccup, I got a wee bit discouraged about blogging. I can’t put a finger on it really, I just took another step back, and now that I am ready to reveal the big news I mentioned two weeks ago, I think it’s time to reel myself back into the blog. I’ve also got a renewed motivation to write these reviews that have been sitting in my draft folder for Godknowshowlong!

I was 75% convinced August was going to be a bad month! 😞

To set the stage — for those who hadn’t read this in a previous post — last Christmas, my boyfriend and I of five years (six, now!) found out I was pregnant! We’d been trying since last August, so we were so happy! February rolled around, the day before Valentine’s to be exact, and we found that the baby’s heart had stopped beating. I miscarried 2 days later.

The 27th of August was supposed to be my due date, and though I had been doing good for the past couple months, chalking it up to fate, and that everything happens for a reason, and my time will come… well, I just had a feeling that August — especially the weekend I was supposed to have the baby — would be a tough month to swallow.

My body was still acting 100% weird, and I couldn’t get my cycle under control. I’d refused to take birth control to regulate, and I just wanted my body to go back to normal. but it wasn’t happening. It was making it EXTREMELY difficult to find out the best time to try to conceive. So I made an appointment with my OB, hoping to find some answers and, possibly, a solution.

It was August 23rd when I finally made it to my appointment. And usually the first thing they have you do is pee in a cup. Well…

I got a positive pregnancy test!

GUYS, I’M GROWING A HUMAN BEING. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t internally freaking out still because that fear of another miscarriage still lingers in the back of my annoying brain… but compared to last time, I actually FEEL pregnant. With my first, I was never sick, never even felt sick, never really uncomfortable, and this time? Well, I’m nauseous, uncomfortably bloated, and I’ve got indigestion real bad (lots and lots and so help me lots of burping). I am also way more tired this time around. It’s just all together a different experience and it gives me all kinds of crazy hope!

Three weeks and two days until my next appointment! 👶

I kind of wish I could speed time up so that I could make it to my next appointment quicker! It’s my next ultrasound, and I’ll be just over 11 weeks — almost out of the 1st trimester! Once I make it to 13 weeks (my 2nd trimester), my mind will be somewhat eased1. (And not to mention, I can’t freaking wait until I get my energy back! I’ve been super exhausted all. the. time.)

1Somewhat. Because I’m pretty much always a worrywart.

It’s time for the BOOKS! 📚

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! Okay, so this is a tad embarrassing… Frankly, it’s taken me a month to read Want by Cindy Pon. Ohhh my Lordylordlord. I was really into this book, honest! It had a great plot, a wonderful futuristic world, and a major environmental problem that had a band-aid solution, in which a team of kids aimed to unfurl to bring about real change! It was about infiltration, with an end that I saw coming, but the means to the end was unknown — and it worked out really well! And then the night before last, I started Down With the Shine — guys, it’s about moonshine that GRANTS WISHES. I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve read 1/3 of the book so far. I’ve had it on my TBR for awhile now, and picked it up at the library, wow, maybe about two months ago? I can’t be sure. But I’m finally reading it now, and it’s very intriguing so far!

DEAR READER: Have you read these books? What did you read this week?

Favorite Tunes Lately! 🎶

  • Game Over by Falling In Reverse. One of Isaac’s younger cousins was listening to this at one of our family get-togethers a couple weeks ago, and I “Soundhound-ed” it because I liked the sound of it. I knew from the voice it was Ronnie Radke, but I’ve barely listened to his new band since he left Escape the Fate. But this song is really catchy!
  • Wasteland by Against the Current. I’m not even sure how I came across this song, or band. Sometimes I just get lost in browsing on Spotify and listen to random new things. This is how my love for this song happened!
  • Dead Air by blessthefall. I’ve loved this song since it’s been released, basically. It’s just been a favorite of mine (again) lately!

I did a thing! I got (another) Last.fm account — because I deleted my old one eons ago. But I kind of wanted to see trends in my listening again, so I said what the heck and made a new account. We can be friends, if you want. My profile is https://www.last.fm/user/throneofglass.

DEAR READER: What is your favorite band to listen to?

I’ve been a couch&tv potato 🥔

  • Rick and Morty. I have discovered the awesomeness that is Rick and Morty!!! I’m almost to the end of season 2!
  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Isaac and I cuddled up on the couch and watched this funny movie together! We’re big fans on Ryan Reynolds (Isaac LOVES Deadpool to an almost unhealthy degree).
  • American Horror Story: Hotel. I am more than halfway through the last episode (was having connection issues last night) so I am SO CLOSE to the end.

DEAR READER: What tv shows do you like to watch?

Here’s the “Barely Anything There” section of the post. 🥀

DEAR READER: How has your week been?

I’m linking up with these memes: The Sunday Post // Stacking the Shelves

Rosie would like to personally thank you for sticking with her although her presence has been erratic, at best. She promises to work on those reviews this week, and solemnly swears she is up to no good will be more active in the book-bloggoverse! Here’s to getting her energy back (hopefully)! 


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