August ’17 Recap + HELLO SEPTEMBER!

I know we’re only, like, four days into September, but already, it has been SUPERB. (No, there was no sarcasm in that!)

It was a wonderful start to the month, as it always is in September, to have a three-day weekend, where I could relax, unwind, and (mostly) sleep1, but also get some stuff done around the house. So, I had to be an adult first and clean my house before I blogged, but once the work is done, then the fun has begun!

1I totally fell asleep before 11 PM last night, and rolled out of bed around noon today. It was glorious.

Once again, let’s look at the wonderful stats — I mean, they’re probably not that wonderful since I did take that mini hiatus towards the end of August, but y’know, what can ya do? I’m not aiming to be a BIG book blogger, just a book blogger who manages to make some pretty awesome acquaintances and read powerful and beautiful books along the way. *grins*


I guess this is the vitality of the whole post. What I read, how much I read (yikes, not that good this month, I’m afraid).

Click on images for a link to Goodreads!

Total pages: 1,012
Avg. Star Rating: 3.66


Let’s see how this month differed from July, yes?

  • Total gained Bloglovin’ followers: 3 (3 in July) • Total: 258
  • Total gained WordPress followers: 0 (4 in July) • Total: 4
  • Site views for the month of July: 309 (362 in July) • Total: 671
  • Total comments: 44 (75 in July) • Total: 119

It’s safe to say (with the help of my two-week break) that I didn’t do too well this month, as far as commenting and visiting other blogs to, essentially, up my traffic. But that’s okay. Like I said…I’m not really here for that. Sure, it’s nice to have people give a crap about my blog and read/comment on what I have to say. But I do this for me. It’s therapeutic and fun and I get to make people laugh sometimes, and even other times, I introduce people to new books or new opinions about books that they may/may not have read. So I’m cool with that. And I just hope some of you stick around for more!


Even though I probably won’t get to any of these until five years from now, I still get excited about new books hitting the shelves! And I like to tell you what’s going on my TBR (which really doesn’t need any more books added to it!)

Click on images for a link to Goodreads!


I’ve pretty much given up on #TheReadingQuest, and I’ve learned something valuable about myself: I SHOULD NEVER DO A READATHON EVER AGAIN. I just can’t commit, guys. I’m definitely a mood reader, and I want to go at my own pace. I don’t want to feel rushed. So… I’m throwing that “readathon order” to the wind, and reading what I want to read. Which, currently, is this… (After I finish Want by Cindy Pon, that is!)

Eliza and Her MonstersDown With The ShineLong May She ReignHunted


  • This Friday, September 8th, my boyfriend and I celebrate six years together! I’m being all nostalgic and looking at our first pictures together (AWWW) and just can’t believe I’ve found someone who loves me and wants to be around me a major portion of the time! Eeeep. ♥
  • Autumn is in the air! And I’m so super excited about it. I’m one of those people who wants to go straight from summer to fall decor the second Labor Day weekend is over. Ha.

DEAR READER: How did the month of August treat you? Did you get a lot of books read? What are you looking forward to in September?

It’s a beautiful day out, so Rosie is going to go swing on her hammock and get some reading done now. Well, okay, maybe after she gets something to eat, because there’s a rumbly in her tumbly. And, oh crap, she’s forgotten about the laundry! *runs away*


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