Week 7 Recap: August is Just Flying By…

It’s literally going by me so quickly that I completely missed doing my weekly recap this past weekend… Holy smokes!

Isaac with his mom and uncle!

Honestly though, my weekend was so crazy busy. (I maybe spent a total of 12 hours at home, and 7 of those house were spent sleeping, so…) On Saturday morning, bright and early at 6 AM, my boyfriend and I packed up our car for a day trip to northern Indiana for his family reunion. We got there a little after noon, and had lots of fun playing cornhole, bingo, and participating in the gift auction (Isaac bid on a mini cornhole set for his nephew). By the time the reunion was over, it was almost 8 o’clock, so instead of making the 4½-hour drive home, we decided to join half of his immediate family in staying at their aunt’s house, who only lived about 20 minutes from the park where the reunion is held every year. We weren’t planning on staying this year, because we usually do, but I’m glad we ended up staying because we got to eat some BOMB chili1, drank a little2, and then had a yummy breakfast the next morning!

1Literally, there were bombs going off in the camper we slept in…if you know what I mean…

2Okay, I had one wine cooler, and Isaac split an almost-full bottle of moonshine with his uncle…and he didn’t vom it back up, so that was an accomplishment!

Isaac and my cousin Jeremy. Needless to say, they get along pretty well…

We left around 10 AM so that we could get to my aunt and uncle’s in time, because my cousin was in town! He’s in the army, so he stays in Texas and only gets to come home a handful of times per year. And since that side of my family lives about 40 minutes away from us, we don’t get to see them too often, so it was very nice to see them and spend some time with them!

We got home around 6:30 on Sunday night, and around 8:30, my friend Sierra came over so that we could participate in our weekly ritual of gluing ourselves to the couch and the screen to watch Game of Thrones! (Read my thoughts on the latest episode below.)

And then there was today. First official day of “school” for the preschool I work for, and a lot of new kiddos started, or had their first day in the new rooms that they transitioned to. In short, lots of tears and headaches (for the teachers) because the babies felt overwhelmed and maybe a tad stressed out. But all in all, it was a decent day, and at least I got through it.

And as a side note…the eclipse totally sucked where I am. It didn’t even get dark outside, and I’m just a bIT DISAPPOINTED!#$@%^!

DEAR READER: How was your week/weekend? What was your experience like with the solar eclipse today?

I bought nothing, but here’s this week’s reads…

Click on images for a link to Goodreads!
It only took me seven days, but I finished Stalking Jack the Ripper, which I read for my Reading Quest challenge. It was excellent, and very interesting, and I will admit I did my own research to see how accurate the author was about her facts on Jack the Ripper. (She did do her research!) And it made me want to watch the From Hell movie that is based on the legend of Jack the Ripper, you know, the one with a very dashing Johnny Depp as the star lead… *wink* After I finished it (which was right when we pulled up to the family reunion — it was absolutely perfect timing). it took me a couple of times to start Want by Cindy Pon because I kept getting interrupted, be it sleep or a person, so I actually just *air quote* started it *un-air quote* this morning, and I am still on chapter one… so…

DEAR READER: What are your thoughts on these books?

My Game of Thrones “digest”

This is where I’m supposed to talk about tv show and movies I’ve watched throughout the week, but for the past several weeks, I just end up talking about Game of Thrones, since this is basically all I watch. Sad, I know.

Let’s talk about the episode “Eastwatch”, and how dumb their plan was (which led to the enormous disaster that was episode 6). Going north to catch a white walker? Um, that’s pretty idiotic. And let me just say how disappointed I am that Little Finger didn’t die this episode. Come on. There was a pretty epic discovery (Thanks Gilly, and sorry Sam was being dumb and not listening properly!), and Jon petted a fire pupper! Squee!

And then…there was this. Ugh. “Beyond the Wall.” In the words of my pal Sierra, “This whole episode should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.” I won’t be the asshat who immensely spoils a tv show for someone, but this episode SUCKED. I’m quite terrified for next week’s finale… *sob*

There wasn’t much around the blog, sorry…

Like I said, it was a busy week and weekend, so not much has happened around here. Maybe this week I’ll get my reviews for A Fierce and Subtle Poison and Three Dark Crowns out… Here’s to hoping!

I’m linking up with these memes: The Sunday Post // Stacking the Shelves

It’s about that time where Rosie relaxes on the couch with a glass of wine, and quite possibly a zero percent chance of pants. She is seriously considering watching From Hell now, but at the same time she wants to read Want on her Kindle… she just doesn’t know what to do. What she DOES know is that she definitely doesn’t want to put away all the laundry she just did. Laundry is lame. TGMO. (Thank goodness Monday’s over.)


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  1. I’m so glad you had such nice catch-ups with family and friends, Rosie! Although if I only spend 12 hours at home I would be so sad, haha. I love being at home 😀

    I have heard SO many good things about both Stalking Jack the Ripper AND WANT, and I really need to read them both 😀 I hope you end up liking WANT, even though it’s been a little difficult for you to get started!

    I don’t watch GOT so can’t comment on that, haha XD
    Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…Five Reasons To: Watch HeroesMy Profile

    1. I am SUCH a homebody, so while it was fun, I was more than ready to be home lol. I’ve been SO SLOW reading Want, and it’s not that it’s bad or I can’t get into it, it’s just reading lately. I guess I just haven’t been able to sit still lately. Because if I do sit still…I fall asleep, ha! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of reading here soon.

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