Stand Aside, Worthy Adversary! #TheReadingQuest + TBR and Points

Did I learn my lesson with the previous readathon, where I was an astronomical failure who read only one book in the span of one week when my goal was to read about five or six? OF COURSE I DIDN’T.

I’m a sucker for pain, obviously.

Aentee of Read At Midnight created this wonderful readathon (and this one lasts about a month, so my chances of not failing are a bit slim) called #TheReadingQuest! (Sign up post here.) It’s a wonderfully delicious concept that plays out like missions in a video game! Quite clever, and immediately grasped my fickle interest. To read more about it, head on over to that sign-up post I mentioned. It starts today, August 13th until September 10th. The sign-up post will also further explain gameplay and how to keep track of points!

I’ve been contemplating long and hard about whether I want to be a mage or a knight… but I think knight is going to win this round! And when I think of “knights” … I just can’t help but think of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

GAZE UPON THESE GORGEOUS GRAPHICS provided to us by CW of Read, Think, Ponder! She provided a character ID card .PSD file so that customization could be an awesome part of this readathon! I’m excited to get started, guys.

I AM A SHINY KNIGHT. Here is the quest board that will help me make my reading material decisions.

My #ReadingQuest TBR

So, the Knight’s path is the first horizontal path at the top. I must start with the first square, and then work my way across. I can’t jump around the board! Once my knight’s path is finished, I could start a new path from any of the other characters, or do the ‘side quests; in the middle of the board. I *may* do the Bard or Mage’s path once I am finished with my own, but, with my reading record, I’m not going to make a plan I can’t promise to keep. So I’ll just stick to my Knight’s path for now and see where I end up throughout the month’s span.

Knight’s Path

  • The First Book of a SeriesStalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
  • A Book with a Verb in its TitleWant by Cindy Pon
  • A Book with a Weapon on its CoverHunted by Meagan Spooner
  • A Book with a Red CoverThe Angel Maker by Stefan Brijs
  • A Book that had a TV/Movie AdaptionCarrie by Stephen King

Side Quests

  • Time Warp | Book Set in Past/FutureThe Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee
  • Open World | Read Whatever You WantSpindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer
  • Multiplayer | Buddy Read a Book — WHO WANTS TO BUDDY READ A BOOK WITH ME???1

1Books I have interest in reading for this one are Eliza and Her Monsters (Francesca Zappia), Long May She Reign (Rhiannon Thomas), and Down With the Shine (Kate Karyus Quinn). If any of these sounds appealing, contact me via Twitter! (@rosieloveswords)

Adding Up the Points!

This section will be updated as the readthon goes on!

Experience Pts.

*Each book completed = +10 EXP (exception: graphic novels/manga = +5 EXP).
**Book written by marginalized author = +20 EXP.
***Complete character quest = +50 EXP. Any additional char. quest = +30 EXP.
****Character levels up after 50 EXP.

8/13/17: Start off with 10 points. Level 1.

Health Pts.

*Ever 10 pages read = +1 HP (exception: graphic novels/manga = +1 HP every 20 pgs).
**Social Media interactions: Tweet with #TheReadingQuest with meaningful updates and/or photograph books/TBR = +1 HP each tweet (+20 HP max).

8/13/17: Start off with 10 HP.

DEAR READER: Will you participate in #TheReadingQuest?!

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    1. Thank you! I’m ambitious with readathons, even if I’m pretty slow at the whole reading thing… ha! You’re definitely not the only one, my dear! 😀

  1. This challenge looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I love how creative Aentee is! *flails* I’ve never done a reading challenge and I was too busy to do this one buuut, it still looks super cool and I hope you have a good time participation!! *throws sprinkles and cake crumbs in your hair*

    1. This readathon was too uniquely adorable to pass up for me! I just had to give it a go, though I ultimately flail at reading more than one book per week — just nOT ENOUGH TIME IN A DAY!@#% And thank you Cait, now I have something to snack on as I drive to work! *eats a sprinkle*

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