HI, I HOPE YOU DON’T MIND FEET. I like to show off my tattoos. And I am very aware I need to touch up my toe polish. I’m just lazy when it comes to that. #sorrynotsorry

I wish I had something newsworthy for you right here… but I don’t?!? I mean, the only notable thing that happened is: I bought a hammock swing and I’ve been living in it for the past week. I spend more mornings in it, I spend my evenings in it. Alas, I cannot work in it (or sleep in it…) or else I would probably never leave and become a humongous hammock potato. That doesn’t sound half bad, really. Except how would I get new books to read??? My phone’s battery can only last so long for my ebooks, and my tree doesn’t have an electric outlet (ugh, trees, I tell you), and nobody would bring me new physical copies of books — plus if it rained, all would be ruined! So I guess it’s good I have motivation to go to work daily or else my life would basically fall apart.


Why am I not in my hammock at this very moment??? Well, that is a tremendously stupendous question… I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post — that’s the answer.

Another valid reason is that I am sort of in between books right now, so I am not in the middle of any reading material with which to busy myself whilst swinging in my luxurious hammock. I say “sort of” because I literally have read only like… 2 pages of my newest book, and I did so while half-awake, so I am sure that I will have to restart the entire book once I am done with this post. So there! Two excellent answers to your (ahem, my) question as to why am I not relaxing in my front yard on this dazzling, exquisite summer day.

Oh I just realized something else cool happened? (Because my boyfriend just came inside and asked me to pick up his bag of tools and made me guess how much it weighed. I thought it was 50 lbs, but apparently our scale says 27 … in case you wanted to know.) But … we bought a grill! Woo — we’re true Americans now. Isaac and his dad just finished putting it together. I took them like a collective three hours to build this thing. But now we can grill out on our back porch and make Isaac’s excellent hamburgers. (I think we might do that today. Yesssss.)

In other news…I need coffee. I’ve been a tired panda.

I didn’t buy books this week, but… libraries are a wonderful thing.

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! I got A Fierce and Subtle Poison from the library, because it’s been on my TBR for a while now, and I thought “WHY NOT, let’s breeze through this tiny book because I need something to read before the Make-Me-Read-It Readathon next-next week.” To be honest, I’ll probably get through a couple of books before that readathon, which is perfect, because I am two books behind on my Goodreads reading challenge! I am slowly catching up, because my year was not off to a good start. (Oops.) So hopefully this little morsel of 288 pages will help me get ahead in life … err, my challenge.

DEAR READER: Have you read this cute little book with an exquisite cover?! It’s so pretty. But tell me — is it worth my immensely valuable time???

This book made me EEEEEKKKK (in an omg-that-was-so-good way!)

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! EVERYONE. I am…at a loss at how to describe just how excellently this book held me in its grasp. At first, I was very tentative. I went into it with low expectations, I’ll be very honest with you. My friend Jes had read it, finished it, and told me to read it. I was all like “I don’t knoooow, I already have so much to read, don’t you know how big my TBR is woman?!” And she told me to read it anyway because she knows me and knows what I like and this is why we’re friends. And, actually, when I told her just how much I liked it yesterday, after I finished it, she was a bit surprised. I’ll tell you right now that at first, I was like “whhhhaaaaaattttt even is going on right now” because the idea is kind of … out there. But once I got going, I really got invested! Roar is just…THAT good, people. I was colossally sad when it was over.

And, starting today, I am reading A Fierce and Subtle Poison (see above) because, like I said, I have to re-read what I started last night because I was 75% asleep at the time.

DEAR READER: What did you read this week? Are you tempted to read Roar? Because, uh, you SHOULD BE.

Things I Watched (um, like, one thing, because I was busy in my hammock)

ANOTHER ACTION-PACKED SQUEE-FULL EPISODE. Every time an episode ends, I’m like… mentally telling myself there’s only # episodes left. GUYS I’m not ready for this to enddddd. I’m so happy we saw Nymeria, and OH DEAR JOHN SNOW you are so smart and awesome because you want to join up with my Dany — I’M SO PROUD OF U. (Sit down Sansa, and shut your pie-hole.) I am a little disturbed by the end though. So, so disappointed in you, Theon. *shakes head solemnly*

Did you miss these things I posted?

I was pretty sparse around these parts this past week. I think you’ve discerned as to why that is so by now. (Hammock + also gratuitous amounts of sleep) But I’m happy to say that I’ve got some posts planned for next week! Hope you come by and check them out. ♥

I’m contemplating doing a monthly recap…but I wonder if that is too much “recap-iness” since I do weekly ones? Hmm. Not sure. NEED OPINIONS. Do people really read these anyway? I mean, if not, who cares; I like making them. It’s kind of like journalism — I recap moments in my life, and it’s pretty therapeutic, so that’s all I care about. Hee.

DEAR READER: I hope you’re having an outstanding weekend! I hope you know by now how much I love discussion (and if not, then WELCOME TO MY BLOG, HI) so sock it to me! I love chatting with my readers. Tell me what you’re reading! Or what you’ve read! Even if it’s just the insane scribblings on the back of a seedy bathroom stall!

Now, if Rosie is excused, she is going to go place her buttocks into that fabulous hammock swing she’s got and start reading A Fierce and Subtle Poison. She wants to soak up that summer sun and enjoy the crazy-awesome weather before her friends come over tonight for a BBQ (Woo, her boy is gonna use that new grill!!!) — but she just might end up dozing off. Where is that cup of coffee I need??? Peace, love, and happy reading, my friends.









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