Week 2 Recap: Adulting is Just Exhausting

I. Am. Done. Adulting.

(For the next 48 hours, that is.)

Guys, it’s been a pretty exhausting week. I was super pumped to wake up and not have to jump out of bed to down my morning coffee, put “work clothes” on, and make myself somewhat presentable. Okay, I usually enjoy my mornings — I will sleep until about 7AM, give or take a few more “snooze” minutes, and then my first stop of the morning is at my Keurig. (Or the bathroom, but it depends on the urgency of the situation. Sometimes coffee is more urgent.) I may or may not get dressed before I sit down to drink it, but then I have about 45 minutes to an hour to just read. But this week…this week, I did more sleeping than reading (aka, I abused that snooze button) and just didn’t have much time to unwiiiiiind~ before heading off to work. And when I got home every day after work, I usually had a headache on some scale between manageable and intolerable.

But finally it’s the weekend, which still manages to fly by no matter how much time I spend in-the-moment trying to enjoy it. It’s not fair. I propose another petition where we work just four days a week, with a three-day weekend. All in favor, say AYE!

There was really nothing epic that happened this week…

Sometimes weeks just don’t contain anything interesting and/or worthy of mentioning…but that’s okay. But what happened? (1) A couple days this week, I hit the gym; (2) I tried to be more conscious of what foods I put into my body, but I’m still working on it; (3) quality bonding time was spent with my main-and-only squeeze as we watched a couple of movies together; (4) I did next-to-no cleaning of the house — yikes; (5) I updated the “about blog” section, which I hope entertains you, even if just slightly.

Another thing that didn’t happen was Brandi and I’s writing club! We both agreed to allow ourselves another week of writing, so that’s probably something that I’ll force myself to work on this weekend, because Wednesday is the day we’ll read/critique each other’s short stories!!!

DEAR READER: Did you have an epic- or non-epic-filled week?

Here’s the part where I tell you about the books I bought (Spoiler: just 1 ebook this week).

So I found myself really really really really wanting to pick up a copy of When Dimple Met Rishi (because so many people are applauding it’s cute, feel-good ambience, and I just really needed a good, contemp~summery read), so I just WENT FOR IT. I bought the ebook, because like I’ve previously stated, adult → pays bills → doesn’t have a lot of extra money for books (although sometimes I like to pretend I have endless amounts of cash for books), and ebooks are relatively cheaper, so…

Actual footage of me in a bookstore.

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! So I bought When Dimple Met Rishi — after seeing so much about it on Twitter and Goodreads, I gave myself a little pep talk. Rosie, I spoke assertively, you need to a read a feel-good, summery contemporary romance sort of book. It’s July, for goodness sake. You also need more diverse characters in your life, I declared. It was all uphill from there when I decided to just abruptly purchase the ebook with no questions asked. I started it very late Wednesday night, energetically (despite my creeping exhaustion) gobbling up the virtual pages. And my Thursday and Friday nights basically went about the same way. This YA contemporary is about Dimple, an Indian-American girl who is into web development and just wants to have a little bit of freedom from her hovering mother. She’s got her sights set on Stanford in the fall, but until then, she really wants to be a part of this crazy expensive summer program that her parents will never let her go to — or will they? An arranged wedding is in the works between Dimple and Rishi, a boy who values the stability and tradition of it all, and when he shows up to the same summer program to essentially woo her, Dimple is caught completely off guard. Having read nothing quite like this, it’s safe to say I’m pretty into it. I might even have it finished by the end of the weekend!

DEAR READER: Have you read When Dimple Met Rishi? If so, what did you think, and if not, do you think you’ll eventually pick this one up?

I’ve just finished the most wonderful story…

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! I finally finished A Discovery of Witches after about three months. (No, it didn’t actually take me three months to read it — I just stopped somewhere near the middle to read three or four other books, and then I picked it back up about a week or two ago.) And it was pretty superb! I’m actually a bit concerned about how it ended and find myself fretting about it a little bit, to the point where I’m about to just go pick up the sequel at the library…but there are so many other books on my list of things to read that I JUST. GAH. I guess for now, I’m going to immerse myself in the feel-good contemp that is When Dimple Met Rishi.

Only watched a couple things on the tube this week —

And they were both movies!!1!

This movie was MESSED UP. But definitely recommend because THE END!?!

I cannot put into words how much I actually laughed out loud with this one! Charlie Day and Ice Cube are a hilarious duo, with Cube’s menacing attitude and and Day’s unfailing niceness and reputation of being a pushover, this movie had me cackling! And quite often, I got some secondhand embarrassment for Charlie Day’s character.

DEAR READER: Um so, have you seen The Thinning? Or Fist Fight? Because they were both pretty good!

Things you might have missed from the blog:

It’s only week 2 of blogging! But maybe there’s something you — maybe? possibly? probably not tho? — missed:

DEAR READER: Do you have any awesome plans for the weekend? What books have you read or added to your TBR lately?

Rosie, adult-with-the-soul-of-a-child, still cherishes her morning java, but also refuses to — still — do any house-cleaning during this weekend…which she may regret, come Monday, but she’s carelessly flinging all responsibilities, and regrets, to the wind! She currently has “Soak Up the Sun” stuck on repeat in her brain for some reason, so maybe she needs some vitamin C? She is about to prepare breakfast before she conquers leg day at the gym! Have a great weekend!





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  1. AYE, AYE TO THE THREE-DAY WEEKEND PLAN. Summer weeks are pretty much the same for me – uneventful, but not bad either, if that makes sense. I’ve also been hitting the gym (though not as regularly as I would like, ha).

    I enjoyed WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, and I’m glad that you’re into it too! I was a little wary about Dimple’s character, honestly, but all-in-all the book was great. It was Bollywood in book form, and I’m obsessed with Bollywood, so it was all good. 😉 Great post, Rosie!
    Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks recently posted…5 Tips to Help You Write Reviews For Your Book BlogMy Profile

    1. DIMPLE AND RISHI ARE SO CUTE OMG. I know what you mean about Dimple though — I feel the same feels. Like … I want to hug her, but at the same time, shake her. I kept getting distracted this weekend when it came to reading it — against my better/lazy judgement, I actually cleaned my house instead of sitting around and reading lol but I’m 60% through it now and will probably finally it by the middle of the week!

  2. I’m really excited to read When Dimple Met Rishi!! I have it on hold through Overdrive and I keep checking my position. Right now, there’s just one person ahead of me. 🙂

    1. I’ve reached 77%!!! Oh, Kaitlin, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this — it’s very good!

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