Week 1 Recap: Writing and BIG EXPLOSIONS!

Hi earthlings~ Looks like I couldn’t keep away for a full seven days, GO ME! (Let’s be honest now, I started working on this post on Wednesday, hahhahaah…) It’s just so exciting to be back. So let’s celebrate with some fireworks!

And now that I’m back, that means weekly recaps~ For some reason, I always loved doing those. And if I love it, I’m gonna do it¹. It’ll be pretty basic, though, because, I’m basic. Ha. I essentially just want to throw in a little about what’s going on in my life, along with BOOKS, because that’s what you’re here for, and maybe a little of what I’m listening to and watching on tv. So. Basic.

¹Buuuuut I hope you like it too???

So! My week was full of BOOM, inside and out!

And in case you had NO idea, I’m an American, so I live in America where a certain time of the year calls for big explosions in the sky (aka, fireworks) because that’s how we like to celebrate our independence, apparently. This year, it finally occurred to me how dangerous of a holiday this can be … people get really crazy with their fireworks. I’m grateful nobody’s house got burned down, since I live in one of those overzealous independence-loving villages. But I digress: July 4th will always hold a different but special meaning to me now that that’s when I “officially” started this blog².

²Now every year, America shall congratulate me on my blogoversary by lighting off fireworks, right???

While there were fireworks outside, a friend and I had some pretty excellent brain “fireworks” going off in our skull pocket!³ So, ever since I’ve been working at the preschool I joined in September of last year, I’ve just really clicked with this woman! And we have so much in common, and one of those things is that we like to write. But like I’ve stated before, life is like a *poorly made up analogy goes here* where we just have so much stuff to do, but so little time to do it in. It really sucks. I’ve got that go-getter attitude in the morning after I’ve had my morning cup of motivation4, but after work? It slips down the drain in a pile of goo that slips between my fingers as I reach to get it back. So sad.

³Yes, that is my new way to say “head”
4Seriously! I make lists of things I need to do, I prepare (to a degree), and I try try try so hard to talk myself into completing those tasks in the evenings, but guuuuuuh. Adult-life.

So anyway! This lady! Lately, we’ve come across the great idea of vision boards. We’re still trying to get some time to do them, but something that we both want to put on our vision boards? Writing. And what’s a better way to motivate each other to write more and help us get better at this one thing we both really, really enjoy? We start a writing club! The Brandi + Rosie Writing Club…because no one else wants to join, bUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE WE ONLY NEED EACH OTHER.

We just starting writing this week for the first time, but basically we give each other writing prompts (and sometimes we might even do that same prompt together and see how we both incorporate the prompt into our stories) and we’ll probably do this once a week — that way, it keeps us motivated! Ta-da! We’re geniuses. If all goes well, I might just post them on my blog to get some feedback from you, too. We’ll see…

DEAR READER: Do you write? Do you have a writing club, and/or have you ever participated in one? If you do either of these things, do you have any advice to offer?

I bought some things… (Hint: it’s BOOKS)

I am what I like to call a “book-buying enthusiast” — I buy ’em faster than I read ’em. But there’s good news! I will never ever run out of anything to read! (I am Belle, and Belle is me.)

“Look at all my books!!1!”

But since I am this “adult” thing, my money usually goes towards bills and food, and gas to get to work so I can pay for the bills and the food. Thus, I’ve only bought TWO books this week, and they’ve been ebooks, because ebooks are cheaper than regular paper books, sadly. But that’s okay, because they can go on my Kindle. :3

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! A friend of mine bought Want by Cindy Pon last week, and she is a speed reader (and it’s because she gets to read at work, LIFE’S NOT FAIR). But anyway, she wanted me to read it because she needs someone to talk about it with, so that maaaaay be my next read, we’ll see. And then, as some of you may or may not know, my life has been ruined by Sarah J. Maas and her ACOTAR novels (RHYSAND RHYSAND RHYSAND) and so I follow this group on Facebook called “Rhysand of the Night Court”. Well, a gal on there posted about this book Rhapsodic and its sequel and how it is very similar to A Court of Mist and Fury (which is, definitely, my favorite of the ACOTAR series). So of course — of course — I had to buy it and see for myself. (And apparently has waaaay more raunchy scenes. I believe someone described it as “near pornographic”… Cool.)

DEAR READER: Have you read either of these? Good/bad reviews, if you have? And what books did you treat yourself with this week?

Now that you see what I’ve bought, maybe you’re interested in what I’ve actually read? Yes? Maybe?

Click on images for a link to Goodreads! So, my friend (the other half of our writing club) loaned me this book say, oh, three months ago? And I’ve been slowly reading it, but now I’m kicking into “reader” gear to finish it. I’m not sure yet if I’ll review it or not, especially since I’d stopped in the middle of it to read other books. The only reason I stopped was because I was re-reading A Court of Mist and Fury to read A Court of War and Ruin because I was going to BookCon in New York and I had expectations to meet Sarah (which didn’t happen — 2nd worst letdown of the year), but not just that; I also wanted to talk about it with my friend Jes, whom I was traveling to New York with. And then when I got to BookCon, I picked up Strange the Dreamer during Laini Taylor’s signing5 and started reading that, then chose to read Caraval because Jes, and also my preschool’s director, convinced me to read it! So, yeah, a lot of reading has been going on in these parts, but just not this one. But it is now my #1 priority, so that I can discuss the troubling ending that my friend Brandi has mentioned…

5I’m still excited I got to meet Laini Taylor, for the second time! (I’ve got pictures on my instagram; I met her, Colleen Hoover, and Victoria Schwab!) And OMG STRANGE THE DREAMER IS SUCH AN AMAZING NOVEL! TELL ME IF YOU’VE READ IT IN THE COMMENTS — I WANT TO SQUEAL WITH YOU.

DEAR READER: What did you read this week? Are you obsessed with ACOMAF like I am? And have you also read A Discovery of Witches?

Believe it or not, I do other things besides read and talk about books…

Yes! I do. I watch tv, and also listen to a lot of music on the commute to and from work…

I’ve been pretty obsessed with these three songs as of late.

  • Polaroid by Imagine Dragons. My boyfriend is pretty big into Imagine Dragons (oh, and AWOLNATION. SO MUCH AWOLNATION.) And so, when we traveled to Indiana for a family reunion last weekend, we listened to a bunch of this type of music on his Pandora station. And this song of theirs really stuck out to me.
  • Now That We’re Dead by Metallica. I actually really dig Metallica. One of my all-time favorites of theirs is “Of Wolf and Man”, but now is has a worthy adversary to compete for the title of “favorite Metallica song”. I just love jamming to this in my car.
  • Legend by The Score. This popped up on my boyfriend’s Pandora station, too, last weekend. I really liked it — and the title, especially, snagged my attention because, at the time, I was reading Caraval, and one of the characters in the book is called Legend. And it just felt, kinda, that it could be his anthem song. (Plus it’s super catchy. I play it loudly in my car. How can you not??)

Some things I’ve been watching~

As far as tv goes, I’ve really only been interested in watching 2 Broke Girls. I am just so in love with Kat Dennings — she’s funny, witty, beautiful and I kind of just want to be her.

Yes you are, Kat Dennings. Yes you are.

But I’m almost towards the end of season 2. My poor little cupcakes. (Pun intended.)

I’ve also watched Beauty and the Beast for about the twelfth time? I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH, OKAY. (Pls tell me why I’m so attracted to Gaston, tho.)


And this is where I’d tell you what other stuff I’ve posted on the blog this week, but…

Since this is only my second post… All I’ve got is:

DEAR READER: What kind of stuff do YOU do when you’re not blogging? And how many times have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast? (I saw it 3 times while it was in theaters!)

Rosie just really wants to watch Beauty and the Beast now, and in fact, she might do just that! At the moment, she’s just finished breakfast and she’s sipping her coffee, waiting a little bit before she and her beau hit the gym! (It’s arm day *flexes*) She is so excited that it’s the weekend (and is low-key trying to convince her boyfriend to take her canoeing or kayaking tomorrow). *folds arms behind head and presses play on B&tB*







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  1. I don’t write, but the writing club you made with your friend is a great idea. Having something like that can be SO motivating and fun. It’s not the same, but when I’m in a book slump, I usually find motivation to get back into reading by talking to friends about books. 🙂

    Yay for Imagine Dragons! I don’t really listen to them often (I should change that), but Believer is on my current faves playlist right now. I don’t think I’ve heard Polaraid yet…

    I LOVE this blog. You’re hilarious! Everything I’ve read on this blog (including the About page–Hufflepuffs unite!) has put a huge smile on my face. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

    1. Excuse me while I FLAIL at you being so incredibly delightful! 😀

      I’m reaaaaal exciting about this lil’ writing club we have. I’m about to hop off of here and work on this week’s prompt she sent me, actually! “Believer” is a good song too! Thank to my bf, I’ve heard just about every single one of their songs, hahaa~

      YEY a fellow Hufflepuff! I’m so excited, because I just got a new lanyard for my keys that proudly states “HUFFLEPUFF” in big letters!!1! I’m SO happy I’ve made you smile, and I am eternally grateful you will stick around with me! <3 I am definitely going to try to post at least once a week, if not more!

      1. Have fun with the writing! 🙂 I’m currently making my way through more of their music. They have a lot more than I expected, so this is going to take awhile. 😀

        I love lanyards like that! I don’t have anything Hufflepuff themed yet, but one day…one day I’ll have something.


        1. Check out etsy! That’s where I got the lanyard! There are plenty of cute Hufflepuff-themed things to check out. 😀

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