This — or That? But What If I Want Another Option??? #BookTag

GUYS. FOUR POSTS WITHIN MY FIRST WEEK — WHEN I ONLY PREDICTED I’D POST, LIKE, ONE AND A HALF OR SOMETHING. Sorry for the capslock. I’m proud. *pats self on back for three straight minutes*

WEEEEEEEE~ My first book tag on this blog! Book tags are much fun because most bloggers do them and we can compare answers and convos ensue. I like convos. Convo me! Err…


  • Mention the creator of the tag. (That would be Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks — thanks for creating this tag!)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you! (Thank you person who doesn’t exist! I just nom-nom-nominated myself.)
  • Choose one of the options — you don’t have to state your reasons why, but you can if you want to. (At least I get that option.)
  • Tag 10 other people to do this tag to spread the love. (At the end.)

#1: Reading on the couch — or reading in bed?

I’ll read on the couch, and I’ll read in my bed, I’ll read upside down next to a man named Fred. I’ll read outside to get some air, I’ll read in a tree, I’ll read everywhere, don’t even tempt me!

I just went Dr. Seuss on y’all. But seriously, I’ll read in both places. I’ve got a SEVERELY comfy couch/sectional and I’ll just canoodle with my fuzzy blanket and a good drink (I’ll deign to say whether it’s an adult beverage or not — depends on the time of day, honestly) and just READ…while my boyfriend yells angrily at the tv screen and furiously smashes the buttons on his xbox controller… If that happens to become a major distraction, then I must retreat to the bedroom, because he can get a little out of hand sometimes, Lord love him, ha~

But once I’m in my bed, I end up falling asleep, sooo…

#2: Male main character — or female main character?

I don’t have a particular preference. I just tend to read more of the female MCs because they are what I can relate to, I guess… I mean, ‘cuz I’m a female. But I have read some pretty amazing books where the main character is male — Patrick Ness and John Green are great examples where their books contain male leads. (More Than This and Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns OMG.)

#3: Sweet snacks while reading — or salty snacks?

I’m a sweet kind of girl. (*cackles*) Although I try~ not to snack too much whilst reading because then I get food in/on/all around my book, or get smudges on my Kindle, and nO ONE LIKES SMUDGES OR CRUMBS. No one, I tell you1! But yeah — no snack-y while I read-y. Or if someone could just come over and hand-feed me while I eat, that’d be cool. I probably wouldn’t make as big of a mess. I’d call that a win!

1Okay, if you do like smudges or crumbs, like, who are you? Are you a crumb-loving, smudge-enthusiatic ALIEN? If you are, take me to your leader!!1!

#4: Trilogies — or quartets?

I kind of feel like this is a strange “this or that” question — shouldn’t it be something along the lines of “Standalones — or series”? Maybe? Or am I insane here2?

Either way, again, not much of a preference. I’ll read both. Sometimes I wish a standalone could be dragged out more, and thus I might say I’m more of a “series” gal, but sometimes it’s nice to read a standalone and not feel the pressure to read the 235435798 sequels behind it!


#5: First-person POV — or third-person?

The further I get into this thing, the more I realize I don’t give a heck about any of these options. I like them all! What can I say, I’m easy to please! They both have their pros (and cons, too, I suppose). First-person POV is nice because you can get more insight to a characters thought processes, but third-person POV is also cool because you see different scenes with different people, although it may not be in their POV. I’ll even tolerate multiple first-person POVs within a book, as long as it’s consistent in a series! I don’t like how halfway through a series, they decide to add more than one POV. It must be my OCD or something.

#6: Reading at night — or in the morning?

…Again, I do both. But I guess I kind of prefer reading in the morning, just because my boyfriend leaves for work way earlier than I do, and I can sit in the living room on my super-duper comfy sectional with a warm blanket and a nice cup o’ joe as the sun rises through the front window and it’s just nice — mostly because I don’t have an angry, screamy gamer in the background. 😀

#7: Libraries — or bookstores?

UGH BOTH ARE JUST HOW I ENVISION HEAVEN TO BE. I like being able to check out books for free, but I also like to buy them and put them on my bookshelf and pet them repeatedly3.

3I’m…I’m not the only one who does this, right…?

#8 Books that make you laugh — or books that make you cry?

Make me WEEP!!! Make me FEEL ALL THE THINGS.

Honestly it’s a liiiiiittle difficult to get me to cry while reading book (so if I do cry, then CONGRATS, you are an excellent writer that really knows exactly how to pull my emotions to the surface!). And I do enjoy a good chuckle while I’m reading, too. I’m more prone to laugh than I am to cry (unless I’m crying from laughter, which is also an incredibly good thing), but I love it when an author can make me cry tears of despair…as long as they don’t get too oUT OF HAND, GEORGE R. R. MARTIN!4

4I’ll be honest that I’ve only read half of the first book of Game of Thrones, but the tv show has me like D:

#9 Black book covers — or white book covers?

WHAAAT you should NEVER judge a book by its color. Rude.

(But if I had to pick, I guess black, because there’s just something about a dark cover that appeals to me — it must just call to my black, darkened soul.)

Also harder to get dirty?

#10 Character-driven — or plot-driven stories?

The plot may be important to the story, but if I can’t connect and/or immensely dislike the characters…? How am I supposed to enjoy the story?! Like, what? Characters matter more to me. I like them to be complex, with many dimensions. Basically, I want them to be Rhysand, or the Darkling, or someone equally as semi-evil and multi-dimensional and also, let’s not forget: good-looking.

Nom-nom-nomination time!

So, I must tag other people… I’m still kinda new ’round these parts, but I have a few of my fave blogs from when I was blogging at Rosie Reads a couple years ago, so I’ll just tag them! (And…if you’ve done this already…I’m sorry for being a failure. *sob*)

Cait @ Paper Fury
Cee @ The Novel Hermit
Sana @ Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile
Hazel @ Stay Bookish
Mel @ The Daily Prophecy
Chiara @ Delicate Eternity

If you participate, do let me know, dumplings!

DEAR READER: Have you done this booktag before? If so, link me up so I can go check out your answers — or just enlighten me in the comments! <3

Rosie was a bit disturbed when she woke up this morning from a dream where she was being attacked and went all stabby-stab-stab with a fork into the guy’s face and threw him down some basement stairs with his cohorts and now she just feels really troubled by this… Srsly, apple juice does something to her brain if she drinks it right before going to bed. But she’s going to fix it by continuing to read A Discovery of Witches because she’s on page 404/579 and that’s getting dangerously close to the end, considering how much time it’s taken her to read it! Happy Monday, folks!









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    1. UGH GROSS! I mean, if you’re going to sell back your books, the least you could do is hang them upside down and get all yer nasty food crumbs and such out from between the pages! Or, y’know, just not do it at all, that’d be great too! Pfft, heathens…

  1. Happy Monday to you too! I absolutely love how you end your posts. 🙂

    Anyway, I agree with you on pretty much all of this. I tend to avoid snacking while reading because of the inevitable crumbs and smudges, but there are some snacks that are pretty safe. There’s carrots, grapes, cantaloupe (if eaten with a fork), and…I’m not sure what else. 😀 But those are neither sweet nor salty.

    Switching from single POV to dual/multiple POV in the middle of a series always catches me off guard! Sometimes I like it, but it’s just so…odd when it happens.

    And YES. Books that make you cry are amazing! It doesn’t really take much to make me cry while reading, but it still impresses me whenever an author can manage to get tears out of me. 😀

    1. Aw thanks! I like adding a itty bitty *personal touch* at the end of my posts! And, I’ll admit, I got the idea from another blog, and really just wanted to incorporate it!

      AH! Fruit/veggie-snacking is an excellent idea! I love both of these things. Especially pineapple, and peppers mmmm. Also, they’re better for me, ha~

      It is kind of like magic that a person you don’t even know can arrange 26 letters of the alphabet in various different ways to produce mass amounts of FEELS in someone they don’t even know! It’s crazy, man….

      Ha, thanks for stopping by the blog again, Kaitlin! You rock! <3

  2. Welcome back, Rosie! Congrats on posting four times in your first week – I can hardly manage two these days, haha XD

    Thank you for the tag! I might actually do it today because it is post day and I have nothing to go up. So i won’t talk too much about how similar or different our answers are because then I’ll have answered all the questions!

    I will say that I never eat when I’m reading and I do not understand how people do? There are crumbs and salt and just *screaming*

    Thanks for the tag, lovely!
    Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…Review: Milk and Honey by Rupi KaurMy Profile

    1. This week was very surprisingly UN-busy, so I probably had that going for me when it comes to the # of times I’ve posted 😀 But thank you Chiara! I’m so excited to be back — I forgot how happy this community made me <3

      I actually broke my own rule about eating last night while reading! :O To be wasn't snacking, it was actual eating because it was dinner and I just really wanted to read while I did it. But it was a not-messy dinner, so I'm forgiving myself lolol

      I can't wait to go check out your answers! <3

  3. Aww thank you so much for tagging me! And I loved your answers! I’m the same with the POVs…I haaate when it starts of fas one POV and then the sequels add more?!? Like it’s confusing. 😭😂 And makes me worried that the narrator will die! haha.

    I also can’t eat when I read. I FEAR THE CRUMBS. I DO NOT WANT THE CRUMBS.

    Also it’s character > plot for me aaaall the way. If I don’t care about the characters, the plot won’t hit me at all!🙈
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…5 Underrated Writer Problems That NO ONE TALKS ABOUTMy Profile

    1. I can think of a CERTAIN BOOK where the author switched POVs in the series finale because the MC was going to die and I was like GUUUUUHHHHHHH. I think that book is the main reason I hate it. lol.

      Crumbs & oily fingers. NO THANKS. I like to keep my books in pristine condition. :3

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