July ’17 Recap + HELLO AUGUST!

This is the last day of July and I am low-key freaking out. Like…wasn’t New Year’s just a couple months ago??? How dare TIME get away from me like that, it’s just not right. Why is August here already?!

But as you can see, plain as day with your very own eyeballs, I made the decision to start doing monthly recap posts. Mostly for my sake, because I enjoy looking at all I accomplished via blogging and reading, and I like to make plans when it comes to the month ahead. But if you like to scope these things out as well, that’s a bonus. So, HI PERSON WHO IS LOOKING AT THIS — YOU PRECIOUS PEACH, YOU! You give me something to blog for.


This is virtually the most important section of the whole post! What did I read? How much did I read? Who what when where why???

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Total pages: 1,681
Avg. star rating:


I officially began blogging (again…read about that here) on July 4th…so while it hasn’t exactly been a full month … well, let’s just throw that little factoid to the wind and let this blog post feel validated because IT DESERVES IT. But I’ve been so happy to be back, blogging about books and my life and my life with books, and just, WOO! It feels spectacular. I love seeing the conversations on Twitter again, and seeing bookstagram pictures again, and regularly sifting through my Goodreads update feed, prowling for new books — STOP IT ROSIE, YOU ALREADY HAVE 757 ON YOUR TBR RIGHT NOW1. But anyhow, let me explain something right quick… before Rosie Writes Things, I had a blog called Rosie Reads, and through Bloglovin’ I had 252 followers. But when I transferred blogs, I also transferred my followers — so now, anyone who was still following the Rosie Reads site on Bloglovin’ is now following Rosie Writes Things. Did everybody follow that?

1This is an actual true fact! If you go to my to-read list right now, I can almost guarantee that it’ll be higher than 757 because it multiplies like a bushel of bunnies on methamphetamines.

  • Total gained Bloglovin’ followers: 3
  • Total gained WordPress followers: 4
  • Site views for the month of July: 353
  • Total comments: 75

I don’t know if it’s fair that half of those comments are me because I respond to all of the ones I get??? Is that fair??? Okay, you know what, I make the rules and I SAY IT IS.


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I totally just spelled out “Auguts” and cracked up at my typo-saturated typing! If you only knew half of what I misspell, guys…

But as some of you know, there’s this thing next week called “Make-Me-Read-It Readathon” that I signed up for a couple weeks ago. There are six books on my list for that week, but although I will not read them all in the seven-day span (come on, guys, I KNOW myself, and I just cannot do it in that short amount of time), I will still read those books in the order that my audience wills me to!

I am still not 100% sure which order it will be in (although I have a smidge of an idea) but the final votes will be tallied this coming Sunday. But here’s the books on my list for August/Auguts.

Three Dark Crowns • Hunted • Stalking Jack the Ripper • Want • The Thousandth Floor • Spindle Fire


*hangs up on real life*

*real life immediately calls back*

*grumbles* I guess I have to take this call…

I’m not really too sure what I expect from this upcoming month… There are a handful of big, fun events that take place this month, like:

  • my boyfriend’s family reunion in Indiana — we do this every year, always the third Saturday in August.
  • After that, it’s the first day of school. My preschool is doing a back-to-school night the Friday before the reunion, where all the teachers are assigned their rooms (and I might be getting put in a new permanent room, squeeee!). The next Monday (the 21st) is the first day of school.
  • And then I attend Isaac’s company picnic (he works for the plumber & pipefitting union) — this has lots of fun (cornhole tournament, which Isaac is real good at), food (so much delicious food), and family (because a lot of Isaac’s family goes with us, since his dad, grandpa, and uncle are all a part of the union, too).
  • Then, Isaac and his family planned a trip to King’s Island next week. I’m super excited about this because it’s been an unfortunate amount of time since I’ve been to an amusement park!

So there will be fun things. But I’m also kind of dreading this month, and I’ve been hesitating about talking about this but… if you don’t know, last Christmas, Isaac and I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately in mid-February, I had a miscarriage. And my due-date was supposed to be August 27th. I’m definitely stronger now than I was when I was first going through it, but I still have my days where it just… saddens me. I barely cry anymore, which is strong of me, but sometimes my mind just gets caught up in what could of been, or what I could be going through now. I sometimes catch myself thinking, “Wow, I would be *x amount of days/weeks* away from giving birth right now.”

But the closer August 27th gets, the more I’ve been thinking about it. I think I’ll make it through the month just fine, it’s just… knowing that date is just getting so close. I don’t know if any of that makes sense but… yeah, a feeling of dread creeps into my stomach at the thought of it being August already.

It’s encouraging to have some fun things planned for this month, and I’ve also been trying to motivate myself to be more active and also be more conscious of what I eat, because I need to be more happy with my body! It’s not exactly where I want it to be, so  being able to work on that and not have to worry about pregnancy at the same time has been a relatively good thing, considering.

DEAR READER: How did July treat you? Are you looking forward to anything, real life or bookish, in August? Do you have a set of books you’re going to read, or are you going to wing it?? (Usually, I wing it.)

It is now after 9pm, and now Rosie must shower away the kid drool/snot/food she has acquired on her person, and then she has a fabulous plan: she will stretch out on the couch until further notice with her book in her hands (currently A Fierce and Subtle Poison) and read until she can’t keep her eyes open anymore. And then, HELLO, SLUMBER. Tuesday shall be an interesting day. (Pray for me.)


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    1. It was pretty decent, yeah! 🙂 I hope it treats me well, too, as well as you! Have a fantastic month full of books, words, and happiness! 😀

  1. Hahahahah, “come at me bro.” That gif is cracking me up! *HUGS* I hope you have a great August even though you’re dreading it. It might be good that you have a lot of fun events planned. 🙂

    1. XD And THANKYOUUUU~ I accept lots and lots of hugs this month. I’m lucky to have many things going on!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage – I’m sure getting close to the original due date is really tough! It’s good you have some fun things to look forward to this month!

    Ooh King’s Island. I have a season pass and I really need to go – it’s been awhile. I love the Halloween Haunt nights though and we’re SO CLOSE! Do you live in Ohio? I live right outside Cincinnati. 🙂

    You MUST read Stalking Jack the Ripper. I love it!


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    1. I’ve never done Halloween at Kings Island (or even Cedar Point!). But yes, I live in Ohio, close to Columbus! I would love to live close to one of those amusement parks — it would definitely merit having a season pass! I can’t believe how ridiculously expensive it’s become — and $20 FOR PARKING???? Oi.

      I started Stalking Jack the Ripper last night! 😀

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